The Magic of Wales

The Magic of Wales.jpg

A refreshing program illuminating the wonders and spirit of this incredible country, where the Welsh language is spoken proudly and the men’s choir is a national fad. Immense castles dot the Welsh landscape, which is incredibly green and there are more sheep than people. 
Some wonders are unique to Wales like the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, the highest canal aqueduct ever build, the smallest house in Great Britain as well as the city with the longest name.  

The Magic of Wales explores the unusual story of the Ladies of Llangollen, a pair who lived in a style way before their time and the house of the country’s most famous poet, Dylan Thomas. 

We take a rough boat ride to the isolation of the mystical Bardsey Island, where seals come to give birth and there are twenty thousands graves of pilgrims who wished to be buried there. 

The finest Welsh products are tasted at the fantastic Cheese Festival in Cardiff while some of the world’s top chefs use the extremely flavorful sea salt called Halen Mon, which is produced on the western coast of Wales.