The Magic of Burgundy

The Magic of Burgundy.jpg

A joyful romp that travels to France and the Burgundy region where wine is king and the food is the kingdom.  
A man who lives in a magnificent chateaux turns out to be an incredible collector of airplanes and vintage cars.  

The Chassagne-Montrachet family vineyard, run by a father and his two sons in St. Aubon, prepares for a celebration of Bastille Day. 

The Magic of Burgundy includes a visit to the kitchen of a superb three-Michelin star chef and his frog legs specialty. In Dijon we see the process of mustard making and at a cheese boutique in Baoune we learn what to buy for a real picnic, which we enjoy at the end of a bike ride in the vineyards. 

‘Magic’ is experiencing the exciting atmosphere of a French market, visiting the kitchen of a local family and witnessing the quality of life - the French way!