"September Cultural Shows" - Papua New Guinea

Episode 112


The Festival

Just south of the equator, north of Australia, lies the amazing, remote and hardly visited country of Papua New Guinea. A land where its songs touch the heart and its dances move the body from its core. 

The visitor is always being stimulated by the constant discoveries this country offers. This is some of what the crew experienced while traveling in Papua New Guinea and shooting its cultural shows. 

Painted with spiritual masks and dressed with grass skirts just like their ancestors did for generations, using the powers of sorcery, working with traditional tools, it is as if their culture has remained untouched by outsiders. This tropical paradise is as rare as it comes. 

  1. The Goroka Show in the Central Highlands is where tribes meet to dance, sing and show off their costumes in front of an eye- popping crowd. 
  2. The Tufi region, on the coast of the Coral Sea is another demonstration of tribal tradition. Women with tattooed faces wearing their festive robes made from the bark of a tree dance in a local sing-sing.
  3. The Canoe Festival preparation in the village of Waga-Waga at Milne Bay is restoring old rituals based on wars between rival tribes.
  4. In the capital, Port Moresby, Independence Day is celebrated the same day as the Hiri Moale, a festival in honor of trading between neighboring regions.

Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path: PNG has some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world. The Festivals team visit the Tufi Diving Resort and it's hidden fiords in an area that is just opening up to the outside world. Visiting remote villages we learn about their every day life, clay pot cooking and basic survival skills.


Culinairy Delights