The Magic of Hong Kong

The Magic of Hong Kong.jpg

A fast paced program about the hidden sides of this multi-colored, fascinating culture.  On Hong Kong Island, a Chinese herb shop dispenses secret remedies while in Kowloon, a snake lady handles cobras like toys before making them into a healing reptilian soup.  

On the car-less Cheung Chau Island, elevated children in gorgeous outfits parade like divine beings at the amazing Bun Festival. At the bun race dozens of men climb bun towers and compete to see who can gather the most amount of them and get back down safely. 

The Magic of Hong Kong features the lush mountains, miles of hiking trails and a peek behind the scenes at a traditional Cantonese opera house.

As a chef cooks the deadly poisonous “stone fish” we are exposed to the unusual local cuisine, mainly known for its excellent dim sum.