The Magic of Sicily

Magic of Sicily.jpg

A visual show celebrating the food, people, and beauty of Sicily, the biggest island in the Mediterranean. Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish all called Sicily home.  The architecture and cuisine reflect this fact.  We see why Sicily’s beauty and people, history and myth, have been the backdrop for many popular books and films.

The Magic of Sicily takes us to small villages, like Agira, for the celebration of the ‘The Fair of the Macaroni’. We go to the Aeolian Islands for volcano hiking in Stomboli and caper picking in Salina. Then we go to a medieval festival in the Nebrodi Mountains and head south to the fishermen of Sciacca in the Agrigento region. We eat a lot of pasta on the way!

More magical adventures at the capital of Palermo where a restaurateur did not surrender to Mafia extortion and at the city of Siracusa where the market has the friendliest cheese maker on the island. We finish off with a family gathering in a typical Sicilian village with songs, food and wine and a nod to the masterpieces that this islands have inspired.