"La Fiesta de la Tradicion" - Argentina

Episode 202


The Festival

The Gaucho is Argentina’s most beloved folkloric character. "La Fiesta de la Tradicion," is a festival commemorating the Gaucho tradition and Argentina’s history. At the Pampas town of San Antonio de Areco, Gauchos wearing colorful ponchos perform wild equestrian games during the day and eat their favorite Asado grill at night. At the Mataderos Fair in Buenos Aires, people enjoy street dancing while in the La Boca neighborhood couples improvise sensual Tango moves. In the desert region of San Juan, locals dressed as the personalities that shaped Argentina’s history, from Indians to independence heroes, meet around the ‘Fogon’, the traditional fire gathering. 



Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path takes us to the Valley of the Moon in the high desert region of San Juan where rock formations and dinosaur remains made it a popular destination. The Tigre delta in Buenos Aires Province provides a different landscape of lush islands and countless river streams. 


Culinairy Delights

Culinary Delights has a delicious home made pasta dish and the Gaucho’s grilled meat, the popular Asado.