Sigal Bujmam & Marc Pingry on Location in Australia

   Sigal Bujmam & Marc Pingry on Location in Australia

From Seattle and beyond, our goal is to create video that will inform, entertain and inspire




From it's beginnings in 1999 Marc Pingry Productions has traversed the globe to create documentaries that have aired on PBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Network and worldwide broadcasters




Marc Pingry Productions created and produced 30 one hour episodes of a series titled Fantastic Festivals of the World.  This series has been in circulation since it's inception in 2004

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Marc Pingry Productions has worked with a variety of clients over the years.  These include Microsoft, Work Tank, Starbucks, CCTV-6, Adlabs Imagica,  Tiny House Nation, Hemlock Productions, The Millionaire's club, Global Visionaries, HDnet, NHK, and many more.

Founded by the award-winning Director of Photography Marc Pingry in 1999 and partnered with Sigal Bujman in 2002


Marc Pingry Productions has been creating, producing, directing, shooting and editing Documentaries and Corporate videos for a global audience since 1999.  Marc Pingry, Principal Photographer, started the company when he left Public Television’s KCTS-TV after 18 years of award winning work.  His Partner, Sigal Bujman, Producer-Director and Writer joined him in 2002.  They met in Israel on a documentary they were both hired for.



Marc Pingry Productions has been a pioneer in HDTV for two decades. Today the company is a leader in creating high quality television such as science, historical and political documentaries, cultural and travel series, as well as children’s programs. Equipped with their own High Definition cameras, multiple Emmy winning photographer Marc Pingry and his partner, Producer/Director Sigal Bujman, travel the globe creating HDTV programming for the likes of National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, PBS, NHK-Japan, HDNet, and corporate clients that include Microsoft, IBM, The Harris Corporation, and Corbis.



Vitch is screening in film festivals worldwide


In the movie Vitch, a daughter tells the story of the controversial choices that her father, a Jewish artist from Poland, made in order to survive the Holocaust.




We have worked with many talented individuals over the years, these three are our go-to professionals based here in Seattle.

 On Location, Port Townsend, WA

On Location, Port Townsend, WA

Nils Cowan

Nils is an Emmy award winning producer/director and writer based in Seattle. We have worked on many projects together over the years. Nils' current projects include a doc about the return of the Kokanee Salmon to Lake Sammamish in Issaquah, Washington. 


 On location, Skiernievice, Poland

On location, Skiernievice, Poland

Leah Trangen

Leah has worked with us for the last 3 years on "Vitch" as Associate Producer and Editor.  Very talented and hard worker! She can research, shoot and edit.  A valuable team player.

 On location for Personhood, Memphis

On location for Personhood, Memphis

Jo Anne Ardinger

Jo is your proverbial Jack of all trades, Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, DP.  Her most current documentary is "Personhood"

 Martin at work on Vitch

Martin at work on Vitch

Martin Lindberg

Martin is a graphic designer and Motion Speicalist

He worked most recently on our Vitch Doc and our Vitch book.  Very talented and easy to work with artist

Fantastic Festivals of the World

People around the world know how to have fun!
The "Fantastic Festivals of the World" Series features the best, most exotic, bizarre and unique of these celebrations!

The award winning team of Marc Pingry Productions spanned the globe and capturing some of the most exciting festivals that can be found. The thousand year old Rath Yatra festival in India, the contemporary Buskers Festival in New Zealand, the high voltage Carnival in the US Virgin Islands and the little known Gypsy Festival in the south of France, are among the fascinating cultures explored in the series. These programs combine the unique and exotic in each location. From the tribal dances in Papua New Guinea and the Andean culture in Bolivia to the ancestors tradition in Japan.

Fantastic Festivals of the World Trailer

The Magic of .... Series : Burgundy, Wales, Yorkshire, Sicily, Hong Kong and Taiwan

We created a series of Travel shows highlighting some of our favorite places to visit. Each episode is separate and runs 50 minutes.  Unique attractions, great food and gorgeous scenery makes you want to pack a bag and go. 

 Mount Robson, British Columbia from Marc's Over Canada: an Aerial Adventure Shoot

Mount Robson, British Columbia from Marc's Over Canada: an Aerial Adventure Shoot

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