Three years in the making, "Vitch"  explores the moral dilemmas of survival. Eddie Vitch was  Polish Jew who illegally immigrated to the US in 1930, created amazing caricatures of Hollywood's golden age stars at the Brown Derby in LA and was deported back to Europe in 1934. With his mime act, he was performing in Paris when the Nazi's invaded.  Hiding his Jewishness or being protected he managed to survive the war.  In the movie his family searches for answers about their Father, Uncle and Grandfather.  


Koxinga - A Hero's Legacy


Co-produced with National Geographic Channel-International, Koxinga: A Hero's Legacy is a film that follows two threads, one the story of Koxinga, a famous Chinese general who is revered in three major Asian countries for different reasons.  In China he bravely resisted the invasion of the Qing, In Taiwan he defeated the Dutch and in Japan, where he was born, he is honored as the son of a Samurai mother.  The other story follows the city of Tainan in Taiwan as they attempt and succeed at creating a modern version of the 17th century war junks that were used by Koxinga to oust the Dutch from Taiwan.  


Papa Boss


PAPA BOSS is the nickname given to Mayor Edward Hagedorn by his grandson. It perfectly describes this former gangster from Manila who becomes an environmental crusader. He is both a compassionate father and a strong handed leader.

Into Deepest Space: The Story of Alma


Marc Pingry, DOP, Atacama Desert, Chile

Marc Pingry, DOP, Atacama Desert, Chile

Released in 2012, this 52-minute public television documentary reveals the motivations, struggles and ultimate triumphs of the people designing and building the most elaborate ground-based astronomical observatory ever, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).