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Fantastic Festivals of the World
Series I –
Discovery HD Theater
(60 min. x 16 episodes)

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Quebec, Canada   Spain   Virgin Islands  
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Episode 105: "Festival Las Fallas" - Valencia, Spain

Fantastic Festivals of the WorldCelebrated from the 13th to the 19th of March every year, the Fallas are giant creations of styrofoam, wood and paper mache, created in honor of St. Joseph, patron of all carpenters. They are built by an ensemble of Valencia's competing clubs. The Fallas represent a huge investment of money and personnel during a whole year. Fantastic Festivals of the WorldThe creations are burned to the ground on the last night of the festival in huge bonfires. This act of faith and pyromania brings tears to the women and evokes strong emotions from the men. The whole town of Valencia participates with a week long celebration of parades, bands, firework displays and the daily Mascaleta. The Mascleta is a long tradition of the loudest kind. The event takes place every day at 2pm in the city hall square. It features firework artists competing on who can be the best "noise maker" by creating a symphony of sound. All is done to the applause of the adoring Valencians.

Fantastic Festivals of the WorldOff the Beaten Path: The Festivals program travels to the mountainous region of Castillon and the hill town of Morella for some black truffle cooking. We meet a weaver who uses 300-year-old traditional machines to create the beautiful garments worn in the Fallas Festival.

Special Thanks to Comunitiat Valencia Tourisme and Iberia Airlines.

Link(s): Tourist Office of Spain

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